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Sky, Sky+ and Sky HD Technical Support

At SatAssured we do everything we can to help you solve your Sky and digibox problems, with the minimum of fuss.  Please feel free to read through the following Top Tips, or call us on 0845 600 0036

Top Tips From Our Sky Approved Engineers

For most general Sky, Sky+ and Sky HD faults a general REBOOT of the system is a good starting point. Switch off the Sky box at the mains switch and leave off for 20 minutes. Switch the box back on at the mains and the box will go to standby. To turn the box on (green) press the top right hand button on the Sky remote. If the fault persists call US.

Most commonly a Sky fault will manifest itself as a BLUE screen with either "NO SATELLITE SIGNAL" or an ERROR code in the top right hand corner of the screen. NOTE THE ERROR code. The general REBOOT described above may help. If not call US

If you have experienced bad weather in your area such as high winds or heavy rain and a fault of any kind comes about NOTE the conditions. Try a general REBOOT as described above. If the problem persists call US. Bad weather in a particular area often results in other customers reporting similar faults.

Technical Support

For technical Assistance or faults call our engineers on the number below

0845 600 0036


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