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About SatAssured

“Thanks to people like you we have grown and developed our business by providing the kind of service our customers want. By listening to what you have to say over the phone and via customer surveys – we are constantly fine tuning our service in line with technological advances so you have peace of mind”

  The Management

We keep it simple with you in mind

SatAssured is a family owned and run company which simply offers satellite TV system warranty extensions with breakdown cover. SatAssured are specialists in the repair of Sky, Sky+ and Sky HD systems which means we only sell Sky warranty extensions with breakdown cover packages and we only use Sky approved engineers to carry out any repair work in your home. We only work within the domestic market and with over 100,000 people benefitting from our Sky warranty and breakdown cover, we pride ourselves on our customer service and technical expertise.

Our knowledge and expertise is our strength

Our technical support and helpline managers have a wealth of experience in customer service working within Retail and leisure industries at senior management levels. From high street stores to hotels & restaurants to holiday theme parks - their working background proves that they have a passion for being in a people-business and pride themselves on making the customer happy as their number one priority.

To maintain service standards we give customers feedback forms to complete once any Sky warranty work has been carried out on their Sky equipment and we are delighted with their comments. 99% of the time the feedback is terrific – however, we are just as grateful to those who give us constructive feedback as to how our service could be improved based on their experience and we follow up on every concern brought to our attention.

We also have a quality control and compliance manager to monitor customer contact and feedback to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

We have customers within every UK Post code

We are able to offer nationwide coverage and have a dedicated call and assistance centre based in the UK, which enables you to talk swiftly to a real person (average time 10 seconds in getting through to us). Technical support teams are positioned around the country offering you reduced call out times. We are very proud that just over 98% of all satellite breakdown repairs are completed by our engineers within 48 hours of your call. Our policies are all comprehensive, quite simply that means if we can’t fix it we will replace it, at no extra cost to you.

The Management Team

We collectively have over 80 years experience working in high tech and customer service environments, both in the UK and International Markets. The wealth of knowledge aquired gives us the edge in understanding the advancements in technology so that SatAssured can keep up to date with the home entertainment equivalent you use and how logistically the company can manage Sky repairs and replacements when necessary.

All Helpline and technical support teams are given regular updates on the industry and and training and coaching is given when necessary. For example, at SatAssured we understand what the Digital Switch over is all about and can help customers who have any queries. There is a lot of concern and confusion in the market and we are happy to help customers by helping them to understand how it will effect them and purchasing decisions they may need to make. We do not sell televisions or digital equipment so our advice is a FREE service and is totally unbiased.

The only cover you can buy after the damage is done

Do you have an existing fault with your Sky system? If the answer is yes we will still cover you with a SatAssured Sky extended warranty and breakdown cover plan and save you money on repairs to put it right straightaway!

All you have to do is call our helpline and let us know what the problem is. We can sign you up for a plan from as little as 16p per day for a standard sky system and you will be covered on the spot for any new or additional faults + we will send a sky approved engineer to fix your existing fault for only £45 - this is £20 less than other engineer call outs! And that is not all – the fee is a simple one off payment for your Sky system to be fixed – no additional charges for cables, dishes or parts! So the saving could be as much as £250.00!

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SatAssured is a trading name of Satellite Assured Services Limited, Registered in England & Wales 07077427 at 9 Donnington Park, 85 Birdham Road, Chichester,West Sussex, PO20 7AJ.